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Gel Injection

Injection of hyaluronic acid gel

Filling substances’ injections or so-called fillers to correct dents and facial skin rippling has a history over the 20 years and US food and drugs administration (FDA) has considered collagen injection as a way to repair these skin damages since 1981. In the early years, the collagen with cow stem cells was used as filler and the origin of collagen with cells of the Shepherd were used as filler that brand names of Zyplast, Zyderm I and, Zyderm II were the products that were used in this regard. The sustainability of these substances was between 3 to 6 months. There were side effects of injecting these substances gradually that questioned the correctness of using these substances. One of the most important side effects can be noted as increasing allergic reactions.
Taking into consideration the potential side effects of collagen, researchers of beauty field were looking for a kind of substance to have more sustainability and less side effects. The outcome of this review and research was the invention of new fillers that today are used by doctors frequently in order to fill the rippling skin, to repair wrinkles, to increase the size of the cheeks and the lips and other items. Compounds containing hyaluronic acid have sustainability of 6-9 months and products containing carboxymethyl cellulose and polyethylene oxide have sustainability of 4-9 months and are of unsustainable or temporary fillers.


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  • Advantages

    Hyaluronic acid matches with all skin types and species (in terms of skin color), it is nearly impossible to create allergy, skin testing is not required, it can be kept at room temperature, has a relatively long sustainability (up to 9 months), has the ability to disintegrate biologically and will be removed gradually and its safe coefficient is also high.
    The other notable thing about hyaluronic acid gel is that this type of filler can be used with a particular shape and can be carried along the line and wrinkle and it can be replaced with another substance if the patient is not satisfied with the new look or the volume of injected substance or its volume can be decreased or vice versa. Taking into consideration the above description it can be concluded that if there are correct prescription and appropriate injectable filler and using proper techniques, this treatment is of the most successful and have the least side effects to treat wrinkles and rippling of the previous skin lesions and battling the signs of aging and has a niche in the field of skin and beauty.

  • Side effects

    Potential adverse effects of hyaluronic acid injections is less than 2% but temporary bruising at the injection site, pain during and after injection, transient redness and swelling at the injection site and at last the asymmetry of the injection areas are listed as possible side effects of this type of filler.
    Of course, it must be said the experience and precision of the specialist plays the basic and inevitable role in the prevention and avoidance of these effects and for this reason the gel should be injected by a trained specialist who is familiar with the types and applications of this technique to prevent the occurrence of any problems.

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