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Laser Treatment of Acne, Warts and Vascular Lesions

 Laser Treatment of Acne, Warts and Vascular Lesions

The long wavelength Nd: YAG laser, which emits the laser light at the range of 1064 nm, is a broad usable proficient  machine that has an effective and unique use for following Treatments

Underlying redness of skin, active acne, or the redness remaining of acne Lesions, dilated superficial vessels of the skin (telangiectasia) and small red or blue superficial varicose veins

Any of the above cases could Leads major concern about people’s appearance and their self confidence. After three or four sessions of laser therapy, healing in over 85% of these cases have been reported

Another interesting point is that, this laser is the only one which approved by the dermatology references to cure active lesions, the redness remaining of acne, as well as treatment of anadvanced and severe form of acne- called Hydradnyt Svpvrvtyva –that involves armpits and groin areas  and is resistant to other treatments

The warts that are resistant to other commonly used treatments, such as using acidic Peel Compounds, frozen or Frosting(cryotherapy) or by burning by an electrical device or laser,can be treated with high confidence and without any side effects or recurrence by using the long wavelength Nd: YAG laser in a few sessions

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