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Lipolysis laser

Treatment of localized obesity is subject that has been of interest for doctors and patients around the world for a long time. Various methods for achieving this goal have been invented and tested. It should be mentioned that treatment of localized obesity has no effect on weight loss and its goal is only to improve the appearance of individual body parts that have out-grown the rest of the body and compromised the patient’s body fitness. Weight loss is an important issue which can be affected by a various set of techniques such as, treatment via diet watch, appropriate and continuous sports, mental and psychological techniques, and, in some cases surgical methods. However no surgical or, laser method can obtain such results individually.

Lipolysis is a new method for treating localized obesity, flaccidity and sagging of skin, and, eliminating cellulite in various parts of the body. This method, after receiving approval from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006, has become a vastly used method in the field of dermatology.

In this technique, after local anesthesia, a special solution, which is required for “Spacing” the lipid under the skin, and facilitating the movement of the light source, is injected to the target area. Then a cannula (an elegant tube), which contains the LASER light source, is inserted via a thin incision into the fat tissue under the skin. When this is done, the Laser is directed by precise movement to the different part of the fat tissue. The generated heat will result in rapture of the walls of the fat cells in the target area. Consequently the intracellular lipid content will be released and the fat tissue will melt into a liquid-like state. The operation takes approximately 1 to 3 hours, depending on the target area and its scope. In cases of low or medium localized obesity, where the estimated fat volume is less than 500cc, there is usually no need for suction and the melted fat will be washed away by lymph flow. However, if the fat volume is more than that, a mild suction will be needed to clear out the melted fat.

Lipolysis can be used on the waist, back, under the neck, thighs, legs, chin, around the knees, or, localized obesity in the stomach or the buttocks area.

The effect of the Laser can be seen in reduced size of the area from the first days after the operation. But the final result can only be seen after 4 to 12 weeks.

  • Some of the advantages of this technique over others are:
  • Smaller cannula from the classic liposuction, which reduces the risk of inflation, bleeding, and, bruises due to ruptured capillaries.
  • The rest and restoration period after the operation is shorter, and the patient can get back to his daily activity after only one to three days.
  • Because of the special wavelength of the laser, which affects collagen production and therefor tightens the skin, the targeted area’s skin is retracted and the laxity or sagging of the skin will be treated. The laser also improvers the lymph flow and the inflation from the operation will be reduced further.

The limit of Lipolysis is that it cannot be used for people with general obesity or bigger areas of localized obesity. For these patients, parallel to suitable diet therapy, treatments such as adequate sports, liposuction and, special surgeries can be used. 

  • Some of the disadvantages of Lipolysis are:
  • Pain and discomfort in the laser treated area, which is similar to the pain caused by crumpled muscle, and will stop in a few days.
  • Inflation in the treated area, which will heal on its own in a 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Bruises in the treated area, which will gradually fade away.



Overall it can be said that lipolysis laser has greatly changed the treatment of localized obesity and skin laxity and is one the successful choices for treatment and preserving fitness

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