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PRP or Platelet-rich plasma is in fact Platelet Riched Plasma injected under the skin and is associated with significant changes at the injection site. This treatment technique first entered into the field of medical care since 1990, initially in the area of ​​eye, facial and cosmetic surgery, heart diseases and burns.  PRP was used recently in the field of dermatology. In PRP procedures, first required volume of blood is taken from the superficial veins and platelets which are of the components of blood are removed of the plasma after centrifugation in sterile conditions and with appropriate speed and time. 



Then platelet concentration increase 4 to 5 times using specific kits, then
with the addition of the active substance variety of growth factors is released from them.  These growth factors stimulate stem cells called fibroblasts, new collagen formation and angiogenesis and also stimulate hair follicles to grow. This is vital in the treatment of wrinkles caused by aging, wound healing and relieve skin damages caused by the sun and also help to stop hair loss as well as baldness treatment at early stages. It should be noted that in the treatment of wrinkles and skin aging, the process of fibroblasts effects is completed in about 300 days so; the beneficial effects of this procedure will take about a year to appear. 

In middle aged and relatively young patients, skin rejuvenation treatment is repeated in an annual basis, but in the older patients it must be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks to obtain good results and then repeat the treatment every year.  In most rejuvenation cases, the treatment needs to be complemented with the use of other methods such as laser, radiofrequency devices and IPL sources as maintenance therapy. General application of PRP include tendon rupture repair , improve and accelerate wound healing , help to treat diabetic foot ulcers, accelerate the effects of surgical face lifting treatment,  hair loss treatment particularly subsequent hair loss of stress or burn, accelerating wound healing in eyelid surgery ( blepharoplasty ) , facial skin rejuvenation to improve wrinkles and skin damage caused by sunlight . Studies have shown that had the greatest effect found by PRP is in baldness treatment in the early stages of hair loss (male loss type under 4 or female loss types 1 and 2) as well as in those which were initially underwent hair transplants have been causing accelerate and improve hair growth and prevent theminiaturization phenomenon or thinning of falling hair 

Vitiligo and Psoriasis and also in those with a history of brain stroke and following clotting problems it is best not to use this method. Patients with platelet abnormalities, injection site infection, febrile patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, patients with rheumatic diseases treated with oral steroids or those using anti clotting drugs and anticoagulation , patients with chronic hepatitis , chronic liver diseases or AIDS are not allowed to use this method. This treatment method has no other side effects other than transient pain during injection, and clearer bruising and swelling in the area around the eyes.  And given that the patient's own blood is used for the treatment, there is no possibility of allergic reactions and the whole procedure is uncomplicated and safe. In some cases, red blood cell accompanied by platelet destruction may cause pigment deposition in some spots with stains in skin in the injection site. Some physicians, prior to  PRP injection and  in order to accelerate the growth of fibroblasts to produce collagen prescribe their patients with various vitamins such as oral vitamin C , and D and topical vitamin A derivatives 

Preparation and PRP injections usually need 30 to 45 minutes, and the method is done in the office. Generally, topical numbing cream or an ice bag compresses is used in the preparation of injection areas such as the face and the hands. Patients are advised to avoid bathing and washing the injection site 24 hours after and in the facial and lower eyelid injections they are recommended to use sunscreen and sunglasses.Clinical effects of this technique will show up after 6 to 8 weeks and its maximum effect will be most clear at 6 months. As already mentioned, unlike advertising published daily in large volumes introducing this technique as a method of a permanent miracle, that doing it only once keeping you away from any required for life or that this method yields on one hundred percent hair growth of lost hair, PRP effects are not permanent and will need to continue treatment under medical supervision.


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