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Hair Transplant

What is S.A.F.E.R method 

This new method which was used for the first time in France in 2009, has had a revolutionary effect on hair transplantation. It uses a state of the art device that enables hair removal and plantation, using suction methods. This device has resolved the flaw of the previous systems which needed to puncture the skin and penetrate to a depth of 6 mm for graft-extraction.


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?How to do hair transplant S.A.F.E.R method 

In this new method, called SAFER, hair follicles are extracted in a similar way to the FIT method, but without the manual interference, and with higher speed. The advantage of SAFER over FIT is that unlike the older method, in this one the sharp edge of the punch does not enter the skin. Instead delicate punches with a diameter of 0.78- 1.25mm enter the surface of the skin (around 3 mm deep) and while rotating and sucking simultaneously, isolate hair follicles without the least damage.
All the graft are collected in a sterile container built on the device, automatically and without manual interference. After the removal process is completed, graft-plantation is done in the correct direction in the recipient area. The fact that everything is so sterile and the high speed of the process, has increased graft durability and survival, and reduced the risk of infection and complications to almost zero.
Hair density created after hair transplantation surgery is one of the issues that a vast majority of hair transplantation applicants are concerned and sensitive about. They demand that the planted hair has high density and is close to normal-looking. In SAFER method because of the very delicate punches used for follicle extraction, the homogeneity of extracted follicles and, the higher number of graft extractions, very high densities with normal appearance can be achieved to the point that it can safely be said that density generated by this method cannot be compared with any other method.


  1. No-holes to a depth of 6 mm
  2. Less damage to the hair follicles and follicle germ compared to other methods
  3. Zero infection than other methods
  4. Obtained Grafts stay out for a little time.
  5. Perform faster than existing methods
  6. Improved survival of taken grafts
  7. Ensures the most natural appearance of hair density
  8. Rapid restoration of the Bank of hair (back of head) because of creating micro holes
  9. No bruising, no swelling, no pain after surgery, and no bruises around the eyes and forehead area compared with other methods
  10. Shortest recovery time and return to daily activities (1 day)
  11. No need for special care after surgery


The end result of hair Transplant related to factors such as the density of follicular and the type of hair on the back of head or the bank hair, Time of baldness, principles of care of hair transplant general body health and perfusion system, taking drugs which weakening the immune system, smoking, alcohol usage and stress.
After six months of hair implantation less than 50% of the final result will be appear averagely and only after 12 to 18 months we can comment about the final result. Commenting on hair implanting before completing this time has no scientific basis. Obviously, the main conditions for successful hair implant are tracking and attention of the doctor and continuous cooperation of the patient.
The S.A.F.E.R method has been confirmed by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and it is used with NeoGraft brand. This method is used in the reputable clinics of Hair Transplant.

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