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Atieh Clinic

The field of health, care and treatment of skin diseases in the last decade has become very important, and the role of preserving the health and caring for skin, hair and nails is becoming increasingly widespread in public opinion

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Dr.Dariush Daer

Dr.Dariush Daer returned to Iran, after completing his specialized education in the field of Dermatology, and winning a scholarship to the American Academy of Dermatology in 2007, to start patient treatment and continue his scientific activities.

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Moheb Kosar Hospital

Dermatology and Laser Specialty Clinic of Moheb Kosar with the management and supervision of Dr. Daryoosh Daer has been opened that offers the following services and is ready to provide services to the most respected clients

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PRP or Platelet-rich plasma is in fact Platelet Riched Plasma injected under the skin and is associated with significant changes at the injection site. This treatment techniqu...


Lipolysis laserTreatment of localized obesity is subject that has been of interest for doctors and patients around the world for a long time. Various methods for achieving thi...

gel injection
Gel Injection

Injection of hyaluronic acid gelFilling substances’ injections or so-called fillers to correct dents and facial skin rippling has a history over the 20 years and US food and d...

Hair Transplant

What is S.A.F.E.R method This new method which was used for the first time in France in 2009, has had a revolutionary effect on hair transplantation. It uses a state of the ar...

Unwanted Hair Removal

Unwanted hair removal The hirsutism and having unwanted hairs is one of the problems that has involved a lot of women and even men and due to the rapid advances in the fie...

botox injection
Botox Injection

Skin wrinkles are the two major groups: 1-static wrinkles or wrinkles on the surface of the skin caused by aging and other environmental factors such as air pollution and bein...

acne warts
Laser Treatment of Acne, Warts and Vascular Lesions

 Laser Treatment of Acne, Warts and Vascular LesionsThe long wavelength Nd: YAG laser, which emits the laser light at the range of 1064 nm, is a broad usable proficient  machi...

Introducing Atieh Skin and Hair Clinic

The field of health, care and treatment of skin diseases in the last decade has become very important, and the role of preserving the health and caring for skin, hair and nails is becoming increasingly widespread in public opinion. Skin and hair diseases specialization is one of the most difficult specialized sub-branches of medical science, which requires having an open mind and a scientific, yet artistic, view toward the skin and beauty. Diagnosing more than two thousand different skin diseases and adopting a proper therapeutic approach is a difficult task that justifies the 4 year special education course for dermatologists in addition to gaining experience and diligence in the diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair diseases

The need to focus on creating and initiating a specialized skincare center that can provide a safe and relaxing environment with advanced systems and different lasers and modern technologies of the world, inspired Dr. Dariush Daer  (a skin and hair care specialist and dermatologist) to equip and initiate of the Atieh Specialty Clinic of Skin and Hair Care. The center, which was built in late 2012 in a large area in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, has two reception halls, rooms for surgeons and consultants, two separate operating rooms, a hair transplantation surgery room, a laser-treatment unit and a sterilization and patient preparation room. The center is offers its services using specialized trained surgeons and experienced experts and surgeons in the following fields

Natural hair transplantation using SAFER's new and innovative method, which has created a new development in the field of hair transplantation in Iran; skin care; skin cleansing; massage therapy; skin hydration and dermabrasion; microdermabrasion for skin dermabrasion and rejuvenation; face and neck lifting; injection of botox and gel to remove face wrinkles; treatment of excessive sweating of hands, feet and armpits by injecting botox and also using Iontophoresis; Treatment of acne and its place with ND: YAG lasers with long pulsed and fractional laser; eyebrow and body tattoos treatment using Q-switch laser; treatment of local obesity with lipomatic device; treatment of vascular lesions of face and body  as well as leg varicose with ND: YAG long pulsed laser; skin rejuvenation and removing wrinkles of face, hands and neck using fractional lasers as well as Fractional PRP technology; various skin surgeries; the use of PRP method to stop hair loss and help hair re-growth and also treatment of black eye and rejuvenating the face; the use of mesotherapy method to strengthen and grow hair and treatment of cellulite and rejuvenating the skin and removal of unwanted hair of face and body using the best laser technologies such as Diode 808 nm laser and long pulsed Nd YAG laser and Alexandrite laser for vellus and very thick hairs and cases that have not been treated with other laser technologies; examining and analyzing weight, height, and body mass indexes of obesity with device and suggesting dietary regimens for weight gain or weight loss or special diets for people suffering from diseases such as in-body diabetes, high blood pressure or pregnant women by nutrition experts and offering free consultancy services in areas such as beauty; hair transplantation; localized weight loss and laser treatments throughout the week at Atieh Specialty Clinic of Skin and Hair Care and recording the specifications; Diagnosis and type of treatment and prescriptions for each person in the computer system and the preparation of photographs before, during and after the treatment and registration and keeping the tests and para-technical diagnostic affairs; all of these services have led to the creation of a complete and comprehensive file for patients, and treatment is tracked in an efficient way to ensure patients that all events that occur  in the diagnosis and treatment process are recorded and also the therapeutic and improvement process of each person at any moment in time can be compared and controlled

Atieh Specialty Clinic of Skin and Hair Care is a place to find and observe what you are asking for and deserve

From the language of patients

We commented on the quality of the services provided to these centers, because we believe they have the best judgment.

man2 حسن م.

من با ریزش موی شدید و ناامیدی کامل به دکتر دائر مراجعه کردم. بعد از چند ماه درمان ریزش موها تا حد زیادی قطع شد. با این که در حال حاضر خارج از ایران زندگی می‌کنم اما جلسات مراجعه و تکمیلی درمان را از دست نمی‌دهم. دیگر از نگاه کردن به آینه ترسی ندارم و اعتماد به نفسم هم هر روز بیشتر می‌شود.

profile نگار واحدی

در خانواده ما چین و چروک و جوش‌های صورت یک مسئله طبیعی است و من هرگز فکر نمی‌کردم این موضوع برای من درمانی داشته باشد. اما دکتر نظرم را کاملا در این باره عوض کرد. درمان همزمان با لیزر، کرم‌های دست‌ساز و تغییر رژیم غذایی باعث شد بعد از سال‌ها از ظاهر خودم راضی باشم و از این بابت از دکتر دائر ممنونم.


Dr. Daryush Daer

Dr.Dariush Daer returned to Iran, after completing his specialized education in the field ...

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